Debra Leigh Scott, photo by Deborah Boardman

As the owner of DLS Communications,  Debra Leigh Scott brings over fifteen years of experience to her clients, offering writing, editing, communications, research, strategic consulting, and coaching. 

For her corporate clients, Debra has created text for websites, projects and books, for brochures, reports, newsletters, PR and proposals.  Clients include writers, artists, public speakers, medical, scientific and technical industries, as well as architectural, government and graphic design professionals.  She has worked with ESL clients from around the globe.

Debra writes text for interviews, speeches and presentations, for lectures and tributes. She handles promotion and event planning.  She is a skilled ghostwriter, scriptwriter, script consultant and editor.  With over fifteen years of academic teaching experience, Debra is also an excellent speaker, trainer and facilitator.

For academic clients, Debra offers consulting and editing services.  She has over 20 years experience offering writing assistance from developmental to copy-ediitng with a specialty working with ESL graduate students.

For publishing clients, Debra offers a variety of services, focused on the support of small press, indy publishing and the independent writer.  Services include content and copy-editing, proofreading and promotion. For the independent author, additional services include ghostwriting, manuscript review and editing, proposal and query writing, as well as assistance with book packaging, cover design and a variety of book promotional possibilities.

Debra has provided exceptional event planning services for her clients in a variety of venues, from academic conferences to non-profit fundraisers, from book launches, arts events and openings to corporate meetings and conferences.

As an award-winning published writer and playwright herself, Debra is dedicated to writing as an art form. This is apparent in everything DLS Communications offers.  This is not the kind of company which will hide behind an anonymous website, charge you a fee and outsource the work to underpaid writers.  You will get personal, hands-on attention from Debra Scott herself.

Debra invites you to email or call her to arrange a free initial consultation.  She is always happy to offer a free thirty minutes to hear the details of your projects, share ideas and discuss solutions for your publishing or business needs.  Debra accepts PayPal for the convenience of both her national and international clients.  To discuss your projects in further detail, please email debraleighscott@gmail.com or telephone 610-733-7382.

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